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Introducing the IELTS Academic Full Course – Learn anytime, anywhere! Master all four parts of the IELTS Academic exam (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) with our interactive online program. Get in-depth breakdowns, exam strategies, and real-time mock exams for an exceptional learning experience. Boost your confidence, improve language skills, and ace your IELTS exam. Join now and unlock your potential!

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Introducing the IELTS Academic Full Course – A Revolutionary Learning Experience!

In today’s technology-driven and fast-paced world, we understand the importance of placing learning as a powerful tool at your fingertips. That’s why we bring you a new way of mastering the IELTS Academic Full Course, allowing you to learn anytime and anywhere! Our program is designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in all four parts of the IELTS Academic exam: Academic Reading, Academic Writing, Listening, and Speaking. With our world-class LMS System, you’ll have access to preloaded full IELTS interactive courses, offering hours of engaging content that will help you ace your IELTS exam!


Our comprehensive online portal, accessible through the LMS System, includes four courses tailored to meet your specific needs. Each course is designed to provide you with all the necessary materials and practice to confidently approach all four parts of the IELTS Academic Course and achieve the high band score you desire. Here’s what you’ll find in each course:

  1. Academic Reading:
  • In-depth breakdown of each section of the test, guiding you on how to achieve a good band score
  • Exam approaches to help you tackle various types of test questions
  • Evaluation criteria that inform you about what the examiner is looking for
  • Ideas and techniques for effective test preparation and improving your English language skills
  • Real-time mock exams that simulate the actual test day experience
  1. Academic Writing:
  • Understanding and describing charts and data
  • Writing about trends effectively
  • Essay planning techniques
  • Grammar and vocabulary essential for success
  • Five full-length mock exams with expert evaluation by our British council teachers in the UK
  1. Listening:
  • Listening test techniques to enhance your performance
  • Expanding your listening range
  • Strategies for maintaining focus during listening exercises
  • Engaging with English conversations
  • Ten original full-length mock tests to simulate real exam conditions
  1. Speaking:
  • Responding to the examiner’s questions fluently and comprehensively
  • Boosting your confidence while speaking English
  • Developing a concise English presentation
  • Improving pronunciation and grammar for the test

Course Overview:


Our IELTS Academic Full Course provides comprehensive coverage of the Academic Reading, Academic Writing, Listening, and Speaking sections. You’ll have access to up to 30 full-length original material mock tests, allowing you to practice under real-time exam conditions. Additionally, you’ll benefit from 60 informative video lessons, 60 Power Point Presentations, and 100 interactive activities.


We are excited to introduce the latest additions to our course:

  • 10 Graded full Listening mock exams conducted under real exam conditions, providing you with a staggering 10 hours of practice!
  • 10 Graded full Academic Reading mock exams conducted under real exam conditions, giving you an incredible 10 hours of valuable preparation time!

With our IELTS Academic Full Course, you’ll embark on a transformative learning journey, empowering you to achieve your desired band score. Take control of your IELTS preparation today and unlock your full potential!

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